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Yin / Gentle Yoga
9:10 - 10:10  am

Vinyasa Flow

7- 8:15 pm 


no class no class

Vinyasa Flow


9am - 10:15am

Evening classes
once a month

7:45am – 9am




$10 per class
Series of 5 classes: $45
Series of 10 classes: $ 90


$ 45  per hour or $70   for 2 hours

All my classes are Vinyasa
Except the Monday Yin / Gentle

This class will keep the body moving and flowing between postures; students learn dynamic transitions while challenging the breath. Vinyasa means conscious movement, which is the focus of this class. Move consciously and listen closely to the body, with practice students learn what is right for them. This class is approachable and appropriate for most fitness levels

Yin Yoga
The Deepest Stretch Period. Yin, Aka Long, Slow & Deep incorporates long holds and deep stretching floor postures to help increase mobility throughout muscle ligaments, tendons and fascia. This is not a flow or Vinyasa style class, which may sound easy, for many it can be one of the greatest mental challenges ever experienced in yoga and will absolutely make students stronger in every sense.

This is a class for anybody of any fitness level. Props are encouraged and breathing is emphasized! The foundation of this class is about creating mobility and learning to quiet the mind, it is extremely beneficial to incorporate this style of yoga into a daily routine.
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